Read carefully. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our contract, policy or rules. Thank you!

Triple Threat Dance Studio has a no bullying tolerance. This applies to all TTDS members and families. One thing TTDS is known for is the positive environment we create. We expect all parents and students to have a positive attitude while present inside and outside our studio. TTDS holds the right to suspend any students or participating parties taking part in bullying or gossiping about other TTDS members at our facility. We take pride in encouraging our students to help them to feel comfortable and confident! Help TTDS spread the love all around!


Dance classes for Triple Threat Dance Studio is contract based for dance classes beginning in August through June, or sign up date through June. Tuition for classes are an annual fee, that is divided into monthly installments beginning in August, or sign up month, continuing through June. TTDS also offers additional payment plan options that include paying in full for a 10% discount or sending in pre-written checks dated for 1st of each month continuing through June that will be deposited on the 1st of every month. Tuition can be paid for online through your personal account on our website, or in our office with cash, check or card. A 5% processing fee is automatically applied when using credit or debit cards. Tuition will remain the same each month regardless of a short or long month and regardless of student absences. Parade practices, recital practices, and production practices are all included in tuition. In the months April through June, students will begin recital and production practices 2 days a week and will replace regular student schedule(Please see calendars in take home folder). Tuition is due on the first of every month and late after the 15th. On the 15th a $10 late fee will automatically apply to your account. If a payment is received in the following month, an additional $10 late fee will automatically apply to your account and will continue to accumulate $10 late fees each month until account is paid to current. There is a $26 fee for all returned checks that is automatically applied to your account.
Cancellation or Withdrawal From Program
If a student decides to drop out at any point during the year for any reason, or is suspended from the program, the parent or guardian under contract is still responsible for the remaining balance on the student’s account through June. Any student that drops out at any point during the season will need to notify Alexis Dill at least 30 days prior to next tuition due date and will pay a $50 cancellation fee to withdraw. If parent or guardian makes monthly payments for tuition, the $50 cancellation fee will freeze any additional charges for tuition only for the remainder of the season and does not include any fees found on the recital invoice.  If a parent or guardian has paid in full and chooses to withdraw from the program or is suspended from the program, a refund will only amount to 50% of the remaining tuition balance and the $50 cancellation fee will be deducted from remaining tuition refund balance. Refund will not include any fees found on the recital invoice.
Each dancer participating in seasonal classes will perform at our End Of The Year Dance Recital. There will be a separate costume for each class, aside from Gymnastics. Costumes cost between $70 - $100. Students, aside from Littles and Minis, will also need a production outfit (about $40) for the opening and closing performance in Main Show. TTDS will never go over $100 for any costume. The owner, Alexis Dill, travels to Saint Louis in September to order dance costumes for the season. If a dancer is not able to attend the dance recital for any reason, parent or guardian responsible must let Alexis know before costumes are ordered. Once costumes have been ordered, they are non-refundable. Costumes take months to ship in and will arrive shortly before picture day. Costumes will be sent home with students as they arrive and has been paid for in full. A costume deposit must be collected before costume is ordered. No costume deposit = no costume. Costume deposits are non-refundable. A $40 or more deposit is required for students taking 1 to 2  classes a week. A $55 or more deposit is required for students taking 3 to 4 classes a week. A $70 or more deposit is required for students taking 5 to 6 classes a week. A $85 or more deposit is required for students taking 7 to 8 dance classes. A $100 or more costume deposit is required for students taking 9 or more classes a week. Students will be sized during their dance class before costumes are ordered.
Recital and Costume Payments
Recital Invoices are sent out in October, or shortly upon registration if student has signed up later in the season. Recital Invoices include all costumes required for the End Of The Year Dance Recital($70 - $100 each), recital fee($35 per dancer. $10 sibling discount), dance shoes required for each performance, aside from hiphop, Tap and Character ($15 - $25 each), as well as fee for picture day($5 per dancer). Payment plans for Recital Invoices include paying in full through 1 single payment by the due date, a partial payment in half of the total amount due before Christmas Break and remaining balance by due date, or monthly payments beginning in November through due date, extending up to 6 months for monthly payments. Recital Invoices and monthly tuition must be paid in full before recital day in order for student(s) to participate. Triple Threat Dance Studio reserves the right to withhold a costume or participation in our recital program until an account is current.


Insurance Policy
Triple Threat Dance Studio does not carry medical insurance for our students. It is required that all students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs, students will only be covered under their own policy. Student’s own insurance will be the only source of reimbursement.
Required App for all TTDS Members - - Team Reach App - - 
Each family is required to download the Team Reach App. Please get Studio code from office manager. This app is our way of communication through out the season to get all important information out to parents and guadians reguarding upcoming devents, due dates, important reminders and more! 
The Holy Grind Coffee House
We proudly give out TTDS loyalty cards for The Holy Grind Coffee House located 8 minutes (0.4 mi) up the road. Once your TTDS Holy Grind loyalty card is filled, The Holy Grind gives you a free cup of coffee and donates approximately $10 to our studio.
Class Wear
Students must wear the specific dance wear required for each class. Please see “Class Descriptions and class Wear Requirements” for what to wear to class.  Hair must always be pulled back out of face before participating. We have a “Getting Ready Station” located in our student break room for students to pull back their hair. TTDS provides hair brows, bobby pins and hair spray for students to use so that there is no excuse for their hair not to be up. TTDS does not provide any hair brushes .


Class Observations
Family members of each student are welcomed to sit and observe any class, however we highly encourage members to sit in the lobby until the last 5 minutes of class. When entering a class room, we ask that you please silence your cell phones and absolutely no talking! Family members may be asked to leave the classroom if the instructor finds it difficult for the students to concentrate with a member in the room. Both our students and instructors need their full ability to concentrate to ensure the best quality of teaching and learning in our classes. Toward the end of the season, we ask that all family members sit in the lobby for the entire class as we work even harder to prepare for recital.


Attendance and Schedule
Triple Threat Dance Studio is lined up with the Rowan County School system. When school is out, dance is out.  Days that students are sent home from school due to Inclement Weather, students will also not have dance class that afternoon. Due to low attendance on make up days, Triple Threat Dance Studio will only offer make up days if the school system sets a make up day for school. Please arrive on time and attend each class. Students are granted 4 unexcused absences and unlimited excused absences(school event, doctor/dentist visits, sickness or injury,  and church events). Please call or text the studio phone or our office manager on days that your student will be missing class due to an excused event.  Absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Students that exceed the number of unexcused absences must schedule a private lesson ($20 per 30 minute lesson) with each instructor to catch up. Take home folders are sent home upon registration and schedule pick-up. Take home folders include calendars for the entire season with very important due dates and events. Other events may come up that are not included on the season calendars sent home. Important information Is posted on our lobby info and also sent via email and text message through your account on our Tripe Threat website.
Student Breaks Between Classes
We have a snack machine and drink machine available for students to purchase snacks and/or drinks for $1 each during their break. We also have a microwave available for students that bring their own food to heat up. We have a few school desks available to do homework at during their breaks. TTDS have lockers available for rent($35 for the year) for students to keep their dance shoes or other necessities in. Lockers are first come, first serve and students must provide their own lock.


Triple Threat Dance Studio will participate in 2 parades that include Landis/China Grove parade and Kannapolis Night Parade. The cost is only $25 per student to participate in both parades. Students choosing to dance in the parade(Petites, Juniors, Teens & Seniors) will be required to attend parade practices and must purchase the parade jumpsuit($120). Students dancing will also need a pair of black tennis shoes and a LED light strip to put on tennis shoe for Kannapolis night parade(Will be provided). Students riding the float(Littles, Minis & Petites) are not required to purchase the Parade jumpsuit, but must at least be in Christmas colors.


Christmas Program
Right before we go on Christmas break we have a Christmas Party that will take place at a local church. Students in Lyrical, Jazz and Hiphop will learn a routine to perform at our Christmas Party. The cost is only $20 per student. Alexis provides a free-shirt as a Christmas Gift to the students participating. Admission to get in to the show is by a donation in cash or check in any amount of your choosing.
All students participating in weekly classes(aside from gymnastics) will perform in our End Of The Year Dance Recital. Students participating in our recital will also get to participate in our production routine(opening and closing performance at recital). Students will wear a production t-shirt (Shirt with student’s name on the back $20) and production bottoms($10-$20) for this routine. Tickets will go on sale in our office at $7 each. Remaining tickets will be available at The Recital at $10 each. Programs for the show($5), Raffle tickets($1), Adult Recital T-shirts($20) will also be sold at recital. Gift boxes and flowers will be available to pre-order. TTDS reserves the right to add additional days or move the recital date and location due to unforeseen circumstances.
Donations Through Out The Year
Triple Threat Dance Studio accepts and appreciates any toilet paper, paper towels, hair-bows, bobby pins, hair spray, air freshener & computer paper that you are able to generously donate through out the season. We greatly appreciate any and all donations!
Questions and Concerns
Please feel free to reach out to Alexis Dill(owner) or Kimberly Fur(office manager) with any questions or concerns through out the season. You can also address your questions or concerns by emailing us at We are always open to improving our dance program and making your experience better!